Who is Didier Rousselle?
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Didier Rousselle is a sales & marketing professional since 1983. After two years of product management with Unilever (Hartog, food industry), Didier spent three years as brand manager with Smith Kline (Pharmaceutical) where he launched the first genetically engineered vaccine for humane use, Engerix-B, a product exceeding 500 Mio $ of yearly revenue.

Between January 1989 and June 2000, Didier worked with the Coca-Cola Company and its Bottlers, out of Brussels, Paris and Atlanta. His expertise in business planning, key account management and operational marketing was recognized internationally. In 1994 Didier became the Coca-Cola global expert in immediate consumption (vending, coolers and dispensers). He traveled in over 40 countries (5 continents) to assist the local Coca-Cola operations while building a leading-edge knowledge center in operational marketing. Didier founded D.D.A. Consulting in July 2000.

With DDA Consulting and its cross industry process, Didier helped a variety of private and public companies operating in B to B as well as in B to C in the following industries: fast moving consumer goods, machinery, real estate, digital media, automotive and telecom. Didier “no gain – no pay” approach gave him the opportunity to work for all sizes of companies, from the start-up phase to some very large multi-national companies.